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WOOF Contest – Top Picks July 17, 2009

Only three top picks were chosen for this week's Writer's Offering Our Finest (WOOF) contest. Dragon Blogger placed number one followed by Jennifer M Scott. I was lucky to make the third place.

Congratulations to the winners and to the participants of the woof contest and more power to Plotdog!


Dragon Blogger – “The Adamantium Lobster” - A story poem about a lobsterman who finds a magical catch.

Jennifer M Scott – “Calm Bequeaths me Solitude” - A poem for my poetry challenge 'For I light my candle".

Zorlone – “Lamenting in darkness - "I feel anguished by the sad intensity of your poem. But it's better to feel something than to be numb - as in frostbite." – JenaIsle

(WOOF participants should re-post all the links above by next Monday. The following links may be excluded as long as you include all the above links.)

Presenting the finest of the writer’s blogs by the bloggers who write them. Highlighting the top posts as chosen by the July 17, 2009 WOOF Contest participants. Want in to join the next WOOF? The next contest ends July 24. Submit a link to your best writing post of the last 3 weeks using the form on this page. Participants, repost the winning link list within a week and you’re all set.

Other WOOF Contestants for 07/17/09


Christable Anon – “Three Fold” - Fancies kept in stock for the wee hours when the world grows dry of little comfort to your branched feelings...

Jennifer M Scott – “Independence” - A patriotic poem written in acrostic using the word independence.

Dragon Blogger – “Hallucinations” - A poem about someone going through a drug induced trip.

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