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Lamenting in darkness


I woke up broken at the dawn of this day,

like mirror shredded in a million pieces.

news I heard from a mournful Sunday,

as her wedding day swiftly approaches.

Rough wrecked sanity enveloped,

these few lucid strands of my mind.

This lover's hope I clenched and invoked,

mere dusts aching memories left behind.

The day flew swiftly into humorless shadows,

of solemn goodbyes I last remembered.

How you were happy with his faithful vows,

but I shall only be to you - a soul kindred.

The night approached its darkest grief,

as I drown in its fathomless blackness.

A call from friends gave a mere breath of relief,

For I light my candle from their torches.

Picture courtesy of "deyedoctor"

This was a poem inspired by the poetry challenge by Jenn Scott.

Use the line "For I light my candle from their torches"

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