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Yellow Ribbons: A Sonnet for Cory Aquino


Faith - such an eloquently righteous human trait,
these divided souls of chaotic worldly cry.
What have been a momentous lucent losing state,
yellow color that alone symbolized your smile.
Weight of a nation once on your broken shoulders,
left scars - distasteful garish attacks and disgrace.
Losing a hero - who wanted you forever,
a father of this country with a gun betrayed.

Now you lie in peace, this country beckons,
our prayers adrift through yellow ribbons - unite.
A call to the people to make an impression,
these questioning times of desperation and strife.
Hoping for a miracle of voices pray dear,
that smile on your face that would never disappear.

Picture courtesy of Barrio Siete
I would like to personally thank Reyna Elena and the Barrio Sietezens for this campaign

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