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Last night


Last night was a bliss of possibilities.
What ifs & what could have been.
The fresh memory of your presence,
seated gracefully and lovingly in front of me.

Last night was a burden - unloaded.
Issues - uncleared, unspoken, and unmentioned.
Though questions lingered and waited,
in my mind, I did not dare ask.

Last night I said goodbye, but admired.
You who were there, you who let me in.
I stood up, fumbled with small words - departed.
Resounded - I left with would and could have been.

Last night I missed you as soon as I left.
The thought of you was held constantly in my mind.
I liked you so much, these feelings flung in the open.
To know you, to see you again, and to wish for you.

Last night I prayed to dream of only you,
and of possibilities I knew I hoped.
There in my dreams I heard my self spoke,
"I love you," softy and gently I whispered.

Image courtesy of "deyedoctor"

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