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Rush train-ache


Rush hour has given way,
for my desire to come home.
This jam packed train has beckoned,
to relive these fond memories alone.

Ignoring the sweaty perfume,
of passengers tired and worn.
The soft beeping doors reminded me,
of your melodic voice of tone.

I squeezed inside to make way,
witnessing a rare lover's kiss.
Reminded me of our youth together.
Oh, how immature were us kids!

These billboards spoke of memories,
of our dear romantic bliss.
Each landmark planted glimpses,
miserably stored inside - amiss.

As I left the train, I found the familiar smell,
our long embrace when we parted.
Everyday this train ride reminds me,
the pain of your absence, my beloved.

Picture courtesy of Dr. Alvin Mercado

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