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Could have been dinner

Warning: Not for the faint of heart


Smooth road brought excitement,
to hungry tires with teeth bare.
Giggles with deafening echoes,
resound from here to everywhere.

Turns and corners,
of unknown uncaring distances,
succumb to the elusive joy,
as this trip - advances.

Pin point colored rays strained,
from thick canopies of clouds,
arouse flapping wings of youngsters,
lurking beyond.

Wakeful snoozing head,
of a tired driver's view,
sudden darkened road,
unnoticed by this dumb sinew.

A turkey abruptly awaken,
these eyes wide open now!
Familiar reflexes blinked,
like a kitchen knife in the hands of a hausfrau.

Half a second too late,
these starving tires satisfied.
The crush of snapping bones,
insides squashed out life.

Oozing blood and juices,
organs flew everywhere,
a flattened wasted mound,
of what could have been dinner.

Mercilessly left,
a roadkill set aside.
This stupid driver left
and lost the view from his rear sight.

A comment several posts back between Roy and Holly about making an ode to a roadkill made me attempt to make this. I just finished editing it, I hope this is close enough.
Picture courtesy of google

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