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Flipping channels


Channel surfing on cable TV while procrastinated on life,
Smallville or Discovery, the latter station sufficed.

When National Geographic appeared, featuring trendy Asian fashion,
I just flipped the channel again, opted to watch a UFC countdown.

On ANC, just more breaking news about a mudslide in Japan.
While CNN had a different view, it featured a total eclipse of our sun.

At Studio 23, there was basketball, while Donald Trump was on Starworld,
Oprah talked while Michael Jackson had a tribute - alas, moonwalked backward.

Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, showed my favorite animations,
Ben Ten and Avatar Ang saving lives and nations.

ESPN showed Wimbledon, Federer reigned as king,
Indiana Jones was at Cinemax, I was going crazy on tv listings.

Infomercials everywhere, I could have almost dialed.
Remembering my last list poem, so munching chips is what I tackled.

Too bad for re-runs of my favorite serial killer,
Dexter would have gotten them all, those heartless evil doers.

Breaking the magician's code, was not made with just some wild guesses.
It was more like Mythbusters at work, with lots of music and dances.

Fox Crime showed Bones and Fringe, even an episode of CSI.
Hallmark ran an old movie, I didn't get the title - maybe later online.

A night alone with TV and cable, never was a hateful activity,
Relaxing this tired mind, to entertain this midweek's insanity.

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