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WOOF Contest – Top Picks


Webbielady – “If I Am God...” - What if I'm given the seat as the God of this universe just for a few hours or a day or a couple of days? A crazy though, a weird poem came out of it...

Jena Isle – “Poems of Adieu and Hello” - What would be more indelible in one's memory, is it saying adieu or hello?

Albert Ashok – “Concerning my land” - Concerning my land- is a concern for my country and the well-being of all concerned with my country.

Dragon Blogger – “A Mother's Love - A tribute to Mother's everywhere.

Roy – “Don't Ask Me Why” - A poem I wrote for my wife in 1999.

Christable Anon – “The Third Day of May” - How would you address your pain to some deaf wounds?

Zorlone – “Simply A Mother” - The joys of motherhood cannot be expressed in a single poem. But this one tries to have a glimpse of the beauty of such a devoted and unselfish love.

Jennifer M Scott – “Birthday” - 2 months to the day is my birthday and I will be 29 I guess getting older is bothering me some since it seems like I am writing a lot about getting older and losing childhood completely.

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Other WOOF Contestants for 05/15/09


Dragon Blogger – “The Hunt For The Pegasus - Poetry Prose about hunting for Pegasus to save his love.

Roy – “Can we really expect the unexpected?” - Just some words and phrases which have caught my curiosity and wondered if they were really being used correctly.

Dragon Blogger – “Lavender Rain” - Random word poem about mysterious Lavender Rain.

Jennifer M Scott – “Vacancy” - There is a old people's home near my house with a little sign that says "vacancy apply within" This sign inspired this poem.

Jennifer M Scott – “Haiku Series 18- Before Vacation” - I think the title says it all.

Jennifer M Scott – “Reflections” - An acrostic using the word reflections, it is about poem about childhood friends and missing that person.

Short Story / Flash Fiction

Zorlone – “Flood and Traffic are Tears and Choices” - Photographs, lies, love, and selflessness. A flash fiction of a moment in Star's life that left her clinging stranded in a flooded road.

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