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Each stroke struggled to escape,
alternating smooth and rough roads.
Pedaled through stinging heat and insulting rain,
coins clinked from shallow pocket loads.

Passengers burdened - gifts unrelenting,
through steep alleys and flooded back streets.
Stomach growled while driving at wits end,
barking away at landmarks - aesthete.

Eyesores rushed earnestly though traffic,
hopes and dreams walked upon.
Struggled against fatigue and hunger,
tightly guarded spare change wisdom.

Stepped inside a sorrowful ride,
to destinations of forgotten passengers.
Sadness fueled a pathetic desperation,
called out and delivered laughter.

A push and prayer kept this moving,
life made easier to live - not here.
Toothless bites of authorities thrown,
refuge to such, year after year.

Forgotten moments desired to find,
flashbacks of enriching thoughts.
Wishing clueless and hoping for more,
to fly above heavens sought.

*definition of padyak found here

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