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War Cry


Ions scatter minutely in the night,
chaotic dance in the thermosphere.
Starless night awaits - ever wary
from the grumblings of the western sky.

A jolt of wave excites each particle,
like a shimmering news of gamma rays.
Turning bright luminous fantasies,
the rebirth of an implosion of sorts.

A fearless zigzag of outburst,
thunderclouds of the god's galloping horses.
Signal of Thor's elegant frightful power,
to strike without prejudice - this earth declared war.

Less than a second, it proudly strikes,
catching the guiltless ground - aflame.
Silent warrior of a whim of a thought,
the cycle starts again.

JenaIsle of Gewgaw writings is willing to give 1000 EC credits to the person who can give the interpretation of this poem. Of course, I will be the judge of that. Good luck guys. Come on, this will be fun. There are no wrong answers. ;) Okay, I'll add another 1000 ECs.

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