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Friendly Betrayal

a04292009 10251040m

Vows of confident hues, 
friendship in colorful assortment.
Loyalties made come true, 
buddies with benevolent atonement.

Tiresome favors that accounts,
mere trivial pursuits and desire.
Loans surmount but grateful - still, 
unending promises to aspire.

Secrets kept in mystic tongues, 
through each other's trust - deciphered.
Vanishing crowds in an open bar,
sealed these secrets - encountered.

Spoken actions to forever conceal, 
yet, fate decided to uncover.
Truths that refuse to reveal,
all sharp but gentle reminders.

To continue reading, please follow this link to Poetry Friday at "A blinding heart."
Thank you Julia Ward for hosting another week of poetry. 

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