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a04292009 10531104m

I inhaled a feeling of uncertainty,

braving the risks of a fleeting freedom.

Troubled thoughts that once consumed me,

to bathe in a sweet enthralled plasm.

Tiptoed blindly to a desperate addiction,

paraded in a zealous demeanor.

Engulfed by overwhelming satisfaction,

to forget a tangible human factor.

I inhaled this feeling of certainty,

to bathe in this sweet seduction.

I danced to the high it brought me,

this drug that fueled my imagination.

I swam in a shallow reef of desperation,

this body, wounded, bruised, tortured.

Paraded zealously in a guised fashion,

finally forgotten this tangible human factor.

I awoke, alone, hurt, and infinitely broken,

still bleeding from the hurt I once knew.

My drugs left me dry, this body - softened, 

a lesson painfully learned -  anew.

I inhaled a feeling of uncertainty.

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