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A poet's meal: Oven baked


Mornings are gloriously greeted,
with infinite calls from the kitchen.
Sumptuous melting words lingered,
in tongue filled ideas.

The aroma of a steaming fresh thought,
teases the hungry air for more.
Breath of sweet finger-licking fantasy,
of fragrant living letters.

Inspirations are recipes of dreams,
slowly awakened to life.
Delicacies once surreal,
now walked the roads of existence.

Creation of immortal freedom,
full of expression and vivacity.
Journeys becoming legends,
of living and working passion.

As the clock reverberates sentience,
to this - oven baked poem.
Famined readers impatiently crave,
for the bountiful luscious feast.

Offered generously - wisdom filled
picturesque sagacious meal.
A home cooked masterpiece
this humble poet's satisfaction.

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