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Number one at Woof, but not in poetry :(

My short story topped the woof contest. However, my poem was way below the ranks. I guess that type of poetry was not so popular after all. 

I will write more and improve on my style. Thank you very much for the votes!

"There was a 5 way tie for fifth place in poetry, and a two way tie for 3rd place in prose, so I published 4 poems and 4 prose," says webmistress of plotdog. 

Congratulations to the winners! I would like to extend my special mention to Webbilady, Izzy Daniels, dragonblogger, Jennifer Scott, and Roy.

WOOF Contest – Top Picks

Fiction / Short Story / Flash Fiction

Zorlone – “Insanity Road” - An Urban Legend about the outcome of trespassing a private road.

Webbielady – “Isn't Life Supposed To Be Meaningful?” - He was in the process of taking his own life... he's ready to die until some strange melody played over the air that made him do something....

About Writing

Izzy Daniels – “5 things you should learn before starting a blog - Some beginning bloggers have a view common ideas that they think blogging is linked to.  In this post, I let people know how to avoid these common issues.

Writing Nag – “A Perfect Day” - Can writing about what you want make it happen? Writing with intention and writing about your perfect day.


Christable Anon – “Memories” - Where did moths steal their wings from?

Dragon Blogger – “Honorless Man” - Rhyming poem made from random words about a man living a double life.

Jennifer M Scott – “four horsepowered heart” - A surreal poem includes a drawing by as well, welcome to my weird world.

Roy – “Man... I am - A poem about why real men shouldn't hide their own emotions...

(WOOF participants should re-post all the links above by next Monday. The following links may be excluded as long as you include all the above links.)

Presenting the finest of the writer’s blogs by the bloggers who write them. Highlighting the top posts as chosen by the May 8, 2009 WOOF Contest participants. Want in to join the next WOOF? The next contest ends May 15. Submit a link to your best writing post of the last 3 weeks using the form on this page. Participants, repost the winning link list within a week and you’re all set.

Other WOOF Contestants for 05/08/09

Fiction / Short Story / Flash Fiction

Jennifer M Scott – “A Portrait of Two Sisters” - A story of jealously and sisters.


Dragon Blogger – “Lord of Pain” - What can I say, a poetic interpretation over someone’s misery.

Christable Anon – “A room for Messie” - About every teenage girl who see her life in a mess yet love it the way it is...

Siddhartha Banerjee – “Stranger” - A traveler's tale.

Gaurav Saxena – “The evening pair - Man who looks at the world through the spectacles of love.

~willow~ - “... what goes around, comes around?" - A ruler expresses his displeasure, and metes out some apt justice.

Gabriel Gadfly – “Teetering” - Teetering on the border between good and evil.

Zorlone – “Recovery” - There are times we get lured by the broken promises of addiction. Yet, we struggle to rise above it and move on with what was left f the life it stole from us.

Jennifer M Scott – “Such is Our Story” - A poem of focusing on dreams with a cold heart and tears to get the sugar.

Jennifer M Scott – “Saunter and Sashay” - I wrote this poem after a bad day at work with someone she acts like she is god and I should  bow down before yeah freaking right.

Jena Isle – “A Gentle Touch” – What would be the gentlest of touch?

Non-Fiction / Prose

Ranjinap – “Social Bookmarking Websites to Blogger or Any Websites - Proper Social Bookmarking plays key role in Blogging Success.

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