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Flood and Traffic are Tears and Choices

"Loving someone, means knowing when to let go."

Star was preoccupied while driving. Her mind was in her apartment, she knew she had to be home for her boyfriend's phone call. Although he can reach her through her mobile, the clarity of calls were not as good.


"Damn!" she cursed. "Why does it have to rain now! It is so hot and humid this afternoon. No clouds!" she said to herself,  while failing to justify the weather.


She hit her steering wheel - open palms - while looking at the road that had started to accumulate with muddy water.

With all the construction going on, plus this torrential rain, traffic was expected.


It was five thirty pm on her watch; just about lunch time in Riyadh. She knew Windy would only be able to call her between shifts. It would be too late for her to talk to him if she waited for his night shift to end. And her work demanded that she reported early the following morning so she couldn’t stay too late in the wee hours .


"I'm gonna miss his call!" she complained.


She recalled the last conversation she had with him. It didn't end well. She frantically looked for an alternative route home.


Dead end!


There was no way she could turn around now, she was stuck in this road.


While in traffic she took out a picture from her purse.  It was dated three months ago. A couple gazed back at her from the glossy paper;  they were glued together in a warm embrace.


Her celfone rang.  The picture slowly slipped into her lap as – surprised- she recognized who the caller was.


The voice on the other  end was sad, "Hello Star?" spoke Windy. “No one was answering from your apartment...“


"I'm driving," she interrupted. "I need to tell you something now." Her eyes turned red and her voice croaked. "I want this relationship to end. I fell for another man," she rushed, while a tear fell from her left cheek.


"But, it was a mistake,” Windy pleaded. “We both made a mistake. I was lonely and she was there for me… I am not going to see her anymore. I love you,”  he continued. Star heard sobs from the other line as she maneuvered through the traffic.


"No!" she remained firm as she avoided a motorcycle. "I have decided. It's time we move on. I don't want to lie anymore. I am in love with another man.”

"But Star, please don’t say that..."



"No!!!” a more adamant tone interrupted Windy. “This time, I'm sure about this.”



She hurriedly pressed the phone’s red keypad, before Windy could react.  She was trembling like a fragile chain about to break. She couldn’t imagine she had said those hurtful words to him.


Up ahead, there was still traffic. The water was rising steadily. Her car wouldn’t be able to handle it.


She pulled over to the side of the road and made a phone call.


She left a message, "Jay, can I stay at your place again tonight?”


Her tears soaked the photograph on her lap as she sobbed silently,  waiting for her friend to arrive.


At the back of the picture was a short inscription:




I have never found a woman like you. You are my reason for living,  my beginning and my forever.


Happy anniversary Michele, my love.






A melodious tone rang from her cell. It was Jay!


Star, I’m on my way.  From the sound of your voice, I assume you broke it off with Windy. I’m coming sweetheart.”


“Thanks J-Jena! You are indeed my best friend.”


A cascade of  tears fell from Star’s eyes as her mournful cries were muffled by the deafening downpour of  rain from outside her car.


The names of the characters used in this story were from the bloggers who have given me blog awards. I know this story may not be enough to repay the honor you have given me, but I really appreciate them and this is how I would show my appreciation for your kindness. 


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I thought that Bill was a nickname of Windy. I apologize for that. "To err is human..."


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