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Zorlone is top one in the WOOF contest!

    There were sixteen entries this week and all entries were superb. This is the third consecutive week that Zorlone placed in the contest. A million thanks to all the participants! 

    Writers Offering Our Finest for April 3

    zorlone - “Almost a sin?” - A borrowed experience from a good friend which I turned into a poem. The main character asked this question in the end.
    Dragon Blogger - “Lovers in Bed” - Another poem of passion between a couple.
    Jennifer M Scott - “A Bad Night for a Poet” - I think the title describes it all, perhaps not my best work but it is genuine for what I am feeling at this moment.

    Non-Fiction / Personal Memoir / Personal Essay / Philosophy
    Dina Tibbs - “Kicke Out Of Kindegarten” - Memoir of my early years being raised by hippies.
    Deeptesh Sen - “Dance at Dusk” - It was an experiment with the higher truths of life and profane religious thoughts engendered in this tormented world where only HE can save us again.

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