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List Poem

I have been way off today... Couldn't make an original poem on anything!

I saw a return chat on my shoutbox by jhongmedina. I remember telling him "I dropped an egg!" on his shout box after dropping ECs. 

I saw his reply just now and it said, "Hi doc, if you drop an egg, it's going to be messy." 

I told him, "hmm... what you said... may be a poem."

Then I looked at AC for the poetry challenge of the day. It says, "Write a list poem" (or something like that).

I don't know anything about a list poem, so i looked at their link as well. 

Here are the main pointers:

1) The writer is telling you something--pointing something out--saying, "Look at this," or, "Think about this."
2) There's a beginning and end to it, like in a story.
3) The list is arranged with stylistic consistency and the words are arranged to create a parallel structure.

My first attempt of a list poem here.

Thank you for commenting first:

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