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Difficult to please

A striving barber has just moved to a new neighborhood.


Roy went inside.


“First customer in two weeks!” the barber said to Roy.


“Really?” he replied unsure of the barber’s greeting.


Roy started to appreciate the work of the barber when a nanny with five tots - three boys and two girls - went in.


“Easily $20 each plus tip,” the barber prayed.


He was hoping to pay the rent.


“Good day, sir. I assume you experienced cutting hair of kiddies?” Jena courteously asked.


“Why of course ma’am,” the barber said. “I can do it even before you finish saying yabadabadoo!” he confidently replied.


“Very well sir,” Jena said with relief. “Just shorten the hair of these lasses too, will you?”


As Roy was about to leave, he fixed his hair in front of the mirror. The youngsters were looking at him interestingly. A few strands of hair seemed to ruin his otherwise handsome haircut.


Irritatingly, he looked at himself. Unsatisfied with his own hair looked at the children from the mirror and made the most painful expression he could make. Hastily dropping off a handful of coins as tip while he exited the parlor.


“Alright lads! Now who wants to go first?” the barber asked.


The children looked at the barber with tears welling up in their eyes.


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