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Passionate Blogger

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A tribute to bloggers everywhere

(click the colored words to find out who are in the links)


Gewgaws, rants, wanderings, and writing stuff,

blogging time away day in and day out.

Random thoughts, musings, poetic expressions, and writings,

brighten up our day - thought provoking, and life inspiring.



Blog hop and comment on favorite blogs,

meet interesting people, none of them are snobs.

“Dropping is useless,” so one would say,

“without making your presence felt in any way.”



Making friends as you encounter them online,

appreciating other’s work and reciprocating them in kind.

Some friendly advices, helpful takes, and insights,

teaching both student and teenage writers alike.


Make banners, widgets, links, stars, and rewards,

icons, shout outs, and even Entrecards.

Are all but esoterical and time consuming endeavors,

leaving links behind and returning the favors.


You would ask, “What struggling bloggers do?”

a day job, you mean, just like me and you?

Some are in military, science, health care and poetry,

some stay home to take care of their own families too.


Blogging is addictive, habits are formed,

showing no regrets just lessons learned.

A passionate blogger is one who will always be,

Caught in the stream blogging for you and me.


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