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A First at the WOOF

Early this morning, I got an e-mail from PlotDog about the results of the April 24 contest. Frankly, I wasn't expecting any of my poems to be in the top five since some of the good online writers I know also had entries.

It was a surprise for me to see that the top one and two poems were mine. This was a first, according to Rose, the webmistress of PlotDog.

Again I thank all the participants who voted for my poems. Here is the list;

Zorlone – “Falling in line” - With the different kinds of people falling in line, there are other sub-events that transpire while we wait for our turn.
Zorlone – “Freedom once again” - Initially consisting only four stanzas, this poem is about a little bird looking for freedom. The fifth stanza was added a few days after it was published. "There are different forms of freedom. Sometimes, the unexpected is what we are looking for."
Roy – “Candlelight” - Zest for life... how long will it last?
Jennifer M Scott – “fastidous thoughts” - loss of dreams

About Writing
Izzy Daniels – “Maximizing your Writing Time: Time to Publish - Getting all your work is important, but what about after you are done? In this post I talk about multiple ways of putting your work out on the web.

Fiction / Short Story
Jena Isle – “Started Small” - A story about the ugly realities of life.
Webbielady – “Their Lip-to-Lips Encounter” - Their meetings are becoming more limited these days but still as passionate as usual... See how he makes her get lost in his warm touches...

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