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Freedom once again





I once found a little bird with a wounded wing,

It hid in my room, from a broken window, lurking.

With gentle hands I gave it a home,

and promised health and shelter to call its own.




It sang choruses of pleasant mornings,

I woke up from its beautiful chirpings.

It flapped its wings to show that it wanted to be,

out into the world to become wild and free.




I cherished all those sweet memories we had,

watching it dance, made my heart feel glad.

Its strength grew back and feathers formed,

with my able and loving hands, I adorned.




I held it so weak, for five days and six weeks,

now, with tough flapping wings, its blue colored streaks

I opened the cage, this brave bird quickly flew,

set wild and free, my little bird called Sue. 


I walked around the garden as I do everyday,

but something caught my eye on the soil today.

The little bird I once knew, lay lifeless on the ground,

Free as can be, nevermore earthbound. 

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