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Almost a Sin?



I froze.

I dropped my pen, it stumbled, it rolled,

when you entered the room.

Your eyes saw through my nervous hands,

an excited grin escaped my lips.


I breathed out.


The smell of your fragrant smile,

brought me to an overwhelming high.

A cat can never walk as seductive,

than the way your hip swings side to side.


I followed you.


We snuck in a private room.

Hypnotized, I stared in your eyes,

No words, but our souls spoke

In sync, our bodies were mesmerized


I stopped.


Alas, I noticed the ring in our fingers,

I realized that they did not match.

You and I are both committed,

but not to each other.


I ached.


Note: This is an experimental free verse. I hope you like it.

You can also see this poem at "lifelots 


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