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WOOF Contest for March 20

Many thanks to all the participants, I made it to the top five of the Writers Offering our Finest (WOOF) Contest! I will be looking forward to join again!

There were eleven brilliant submissions for this week and I was fortunate enough to be chosen top 2 with my poem "The Cross.

Congratulations to the other participants! Here are the top five entries:


Dragon Blogger - “The Golden Tooth - Random word poem about a fable of an old woman who grew a golden tooth.

Zorlone - “The Cross” - This is a poem I wrote way back in 1993 with some revisions. I was inspired to make this when lent started.

Himri - “Green grain” - About 'life' in a seed.

Prose / Life Stories
artist victoria o'neill - “Cuttiing Your Hair and Drawing on Yourself” About self expression.

H. Benjamin Petrie - “I Really Couldn't Say” - A short story about a guy going to visit a girl and waiting around with her brother for her to get home.

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