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Dropping Entrecards

Just like saying hello, dropping ECs are the greetings we get from other bloggers out there. I found out a lot of interesting sites just by doing that. It is easier to get exposure too!

This week, my achievement was not in curing a difficult disease, but in convincing a blogger to start her own EC. I met her through myLot (an online money making site just by joining discussions). I started a discussion, Blog: What are the topics you blog about? where I found interesting people who write at blogspot too! (not all of them, just some) So, in order to keep in touch,  I linked here labeled "my other blogger friends." In return, they also linked me in their blogs. (Well, some of them LOL) 

There are other fascinating people online who write beautiful posts on their blog, not only do they have a talent in writing, they are also generous in sharing with other bloggers (new ones like myself) their knowledge in how to gain more blog traffic and how to improve on their respective niche. Those people I just referred to are already on my blog list, you may want to visit their sites!

I will do my best to keep in touch with them! (which reminds me, I should drop EC at their sites soon!)

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