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The Modern Hercules

a04282009 05300538m

Sweat made my calloused hands slippery,
against the metal bars upon my chest.
These brows were knit so rough and tightly,
rusted worn out irons lay - abreast. 

Deep breaths of solid desperation,
each toned arm and leg engulfs mass - yet.
Clenched teeth counted endless repetitions,
glorious pain aches muscles to forget.

Singing one to eight and eight to one,
I pose with conceited vanity.
Mirrors faced this body of a demon,
beamed a proud tired smile in memory. 

Others strive - this sculptured perfection,
but none so desire this as much as me.
My day as the majestic scion, 
I'll show this form, for the world to envy.

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