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Valentines Day Related Topics from My Discussions at myLot

Two days from now is Valentine's day. Thought it would be interesting to share some of the discussions I started at myLot. I got a lot of responses from topics that would talk about relationships. I think this tells us a lot about the majority of the members of myLot. They are mostly women who have a good sense of self, not afraid to speak their minds out, and have a talent for writing. 

Here is the breakdown of the topics and a bit of information about what happened.

Single by choice or no choice is all about options one had to make or made in having a relationship or not. Some stayed single because they liked it. Some don't have the need to enter a relationship yet, so they opted to live by themselves.  Although, some of the myLotters said they know some women who stay single because they did not have a choice. They don't seem to attract the opposite sex. But, I did not get a comment from those actual women who are still single because of their looks. 
And there are the strong independent women, who bravely justified their status just because. 

Single no more talked about the opposite of the above discussion. How they liked being in a relationship, how long they waited to have one, or if they miss being single. A lot of responses came from those who are in a relationship and how much they are satisfied with that choice. They admit missing the single life once in a while, so there were compromises to have that kind of an agreement, to hang out with old friends or just be "single."

In this modern generation where plastic surgery is a household word. Terms such as liposuction and facelift are known even by children, I asked "Good looks vs. Sense of Humor?" All things considered such as intellect, income, and everything else, would a man or woman choose looks or sense of humor? The poll was a bit expected. Majority chose sense of humor. Looks are skin deep and sense of humor is lasting.

 "Do women get attracted to men (more) with a bad boy image?" is my last discussion. Women have this attraction to men who look like real men! That was how i interpreted the results. There was this "x-factor" that women has over the brute looking, adrenalin junky, xtreme, kind of a guy. I would say that there is a silver lining to this discussion as these women who ended up with "bad boys," confess that their husbands have a "soft" and gentle side. One that they do not show openly to anyone else. As for me, I can feel the attraction to a woman who is independent, adventurous, and outspoken. Who knows, i might end up with a woman with a "bad girl" image.

(The image is entitled red flower. Posted with permission from deyedoctor)

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