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My Helium song Entry

I got hooked with helium when I first wrote an article in the Creative Writing section entitled "Writing for the love of Writing." Ranked number one on the first day, but stayed in the number two spot since. After that, I told myself, maybe this is a promising move after all. Joining a writers group is one step, having them comment and rank me, is another. With all the work that has to be done during the day, writing is a breath of fresh air.

There are those who are most important to mention. My elementary friend who introduced me to helium Mrs. Melanie Tesorero-Lluch and my mentor/editor/"nanay" online, Virginia Gaces, who has been helping me every step of the way to improve on my "talent."
Jen (Virginia Gaces) was persistent that I write more and join any of the ongoing contests. So, I did. This was my first entry in the song category: frozen.


That day was quiet when you came

I thought you wanted to see me again

But you told me, that you were leaving for good

I tried to stop you, pleaded, but I failed.


This life has no meaning when you left.

My heart is screaming but you just can’t hear me

I’m moving on with a gap in my life now

Your memory is frozen in my dreams.


You said, that I was not the right one for you

How come it felt like deep inside, you wanted me too.

You opted to find this love for yourself

To capture that feeling you never felt with me.

Repeat Chorus:


I stand alone calling your name,

There are no echoes of your grace

Life has been sweet, back when we were one.

Just a boy and a girl who were deeply in love

Repeat Chorus


When I look back to our memories

I still feel the warmth of your kiss

But every time, I see your face

I feel betrayed when you left me here.

Repeat Chorus


You are the reason I knew this life

But when you left, this song just died…

There is no such thing as instant glory. Meaning, this song didn't fare well with the ratings. So, edited it into a poem for, but, it went down even further. It's ok, of course, for a newbie like me. It brings me satisfaction just to be seen and my works to be appreciated.

For more of my articles visit me at helium.

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