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Here are some of the poems I created for my class newsletter during college.

Now that I am Twenty

Now that i am twenty,
I have lived up to my teens
and face the challenges
as they come

Now that I am twenty,
the past seems so near
for what in the future that I see
is here

Now that I am twenty, 
I learned how to be nineteen
and face the fact that says
Goodbye yesteryear.

Now that I am twenty, 
dreams are so real
almost at hand 
reality is near

Now that I am twenty...


I see  you in my eyes
seeing only emptyness
and remorse
I called out to you, but you said, 
"Leave me. I need to find myself."
I hesitated to leave
because I know
That you need me
despite of all
I reached out my hand to you
and you did the same
Fnally, i saw you smile
and in the corner of my mind
I heard a gentle whisper
of your prayer
Now, I found you.

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