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The Day I Became a Blogger

The term blog is actually a contraction of the words "web log." Wikipedia defines it as "to maintain or to add content to a blog." So, a blogger is someone who does this. 

One cannot run out of blogs because there is plenty to go around. These are personal (most common), corporate, media, questions, device, and genre. 
It has been a lingering idea to make my own blog. A personal one will suffice since I will only need it to satisfy this urge to be heard.  Even if my followers are my family and friends! 
The "hows," "whys," and "what?" about blogging will reveal themselves to me one at a time. Thank goodness to the availability of free knowledge online. A newbie like me will be guided in the right and wrong ways to blog. Hopefully, I make more of the former. Not to mention a lot of other bloggers are willing to help someone like me. 
This day will be marked as the day I became a blogger and with the following days, weeks, or years, I hope you will be there with me as I learn and grow in this world where anything we dream can happen. 

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