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Looking Back to my College Years

Since I have started this blog, I couldn't exactly figure out what to blog about. There are so many things I want to post. But for now, I would settle with articles, poems and stories.
When I was in college, there were just so many exams and projects to make. Plus the teachers were a bit strict in my University. Writing helped release our tension. Unfortunately, we weren't the professional writers like the Varsitarians nor the CSJ (College of Science Journal). We were just plain Biology major students, writing for the fun of it. 
Our Class newsletter was named the "Bzz...zzz." Got it from the sound of a buzzing bumble bee (Scientific name: Bombus sp.) Since we belonged to block B (you know "Bee" for B). There was also a logo of a bee in shoes. Started on our third year, we toiled each newsletter even when we were having major exams or after drinking binges. It was exciting. Everyone in the class was invited to make an article and we were true to our promises in publishing whatever they made. So, the newsletter wasn't exactly the best, but the most appreciated that I can think of (as far as my class was concerned). 
I saw my compilation of the newsletter and decided to add some of the poems I have written. 

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