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The Cross

*this picture was posted with permission from deyedoctor

The Cross





            Made out of wood, iron, or string,

            looked weary around the neck of any sinner.

            Dangled side to side as it swung,

slipped, loosened, untwined from the Scapular.



            Embraced firmly to the old cross,

             slipped helplessly away.

            Squeezed out all the memories within,

            the old worn out fragile string.



            Black as the hair of a damsel

            corrupted by the heart of a sinner.

            Weak as a mortal who sought redemption

            it bore the weight of the metallic Cross.



            Looked wearily and innocently at me

            slowly revealed its intentions.

            The framework that humbly aim to carry,

            the figure of the forgotten Christ.



            Humbly waited for my decisive actions

            that reflected these sins in my hands.

            It showed me the truth, reclaimed my beliefs,

            kept me alive, then I asked for forgiveness.

This poem was posted at helium


The rat was a goner


A thud sounded loudly in the kitchen.

Behold, a rat, running amok!

Clambering through pots and pans,

dangling its dirty tail behind.

Each step it made, disgusted me.

For I know why it ran and hid.

“Get him!” my mother cried out loud.

Hurriedly, I grabbed a club.

I swung it over, but the rat was guile, and it

jumped crazily, faced me, as if  to smile.

Knocking the plates, banging the pans.

Luckily I was able to corner it,

motionless, it stared back.

“No!” as if it begged

“Oh! You think you can fool me?” I said.

Plead as much as you want.

Quickly I swung my club,

ran it went, briskly I followed. It

searched for more places to hide.

Tossed out hindrances, I tried.

Under the table it went and I trailed.

Viola! One swing I caught its head.

Whimpering at first, then it went still.

X-living is zilch!

You know this house is clean,

zany was the rat, but gone it is. 

Definition of ABC poem

An ABC poem has a series of lines that create a mood, picture, or feeling. Lines are made up of words and phrases. The first word of line 1 begins with an A, the first word of line 2 begins with a B etc.

*this poem was also submitted to helium


I never knew I would get hooked with the game until I first tried playing three years ago. I was still a resident in Internal Medicine when one of the lady Surgery Consultants asked me if I know how play badminton. Recalling that I did some basic badminton in my childhood and also played the game only once or twice the year before, I gave it a shot. 
With my heavy badminton racket with me, I joined them. There were other residents from different departments as well. Some of my senior residents, who, of course, only wanted to sweat their fat away. I saw the Surgery Consultant, Dale, with her friend Jo (a lady Pediatrician) already at the badminton court. My jaw fell when I saw them playing. 
"Are these women?" I said to myself. they looked pretty in their outfits but, more like an amazon warrior whenever they move and hit the shuttlecock! They stood out from the 'beginners" of the game. 
I humbly admit, that my status then was not even  a beginner by their standard!
Dale gave me a bit of a refresher course in the scoring over some pizzas the friendly medical representative (med rep) sponsors brought us. Then we played. I thought I could never sweat enough! I had cramps! My right arm hurt! To think that I was just in the court for (maybe) around five minutes. Meanwhile, these two amazons didn't even break a sweat!
I was challenged. From then on, I initiated the dates of our games. When and where to play. Who to play with. At first, it was limited to doctors and med reps. Then, when they weren't available, I found other people to play with. The nursing staff, the non medical staff, and almost everyone I knew who play badminton at my hospital played with me.
I fell in love with the sport. Gained new friends in the process. I recalled playing I have travelled even to Vigan, Ilocos Sur to paly with good friends. There was this one time we started playing at 12 noon and finished at 8 pm! Felt my whole body ache the next day. 
I was addicted! If passion and addiction were the same, I would have used them interchageably! Learned a few tricks here and there as I play with other people. I also gave up my heavy racket for a light weight one. Had to do some research with what racket to use. As a smasher I needed one that would hit hard as I swing it. 

After I graduated from my residency training, my love for the game didn't. I kept playing and improving. Four trophies and three medals later, I know that there will always be room for improvement.

Wanna play?

* thanks to mendel simpauco for providing the picture!

As promised, this is the English Translation of "Magkayakap Sa Panaginip "

Embrace in our Dreams



These tight embraces,

intertwined with each other.

These bodies undulating,

in a slow music.


Whispering, sensing,

these heartbeats in our chest.

Wishing to prolong,

this night together.


As the song brings to a stop

holding each others hands.

Now, we may depart,

but in our dreams, we embrace.

Filipino poem

My dear readers, pardon my haste. The English translation will come out soon. 

Magkayakap sa panaginip



Mga mahihigpit na yakap,

nakapulupot sa isa’t isa.

Mga katawan na dumuduyan,

sa mabagal na musika.


Nagbubulungan, nakikiramdam,

sa mga kabog ng dibdib.

Hinihiling na magtagal pa

itong gabing magkapiling.


At sa paghinto ng awitin

mga kama’y magkahawak

Lumisan man ngayon,

Sa panaginip magkayakap. 

Looking Back to my College Years

Since I have started this blog, I couldn't exactly figure out what to blog about. There are so many things I want to post. But for now, I would settle with articles, poems and stories.
When I was in college, there were just so many exams and projects to make. Plus the teachers were a bit strict in my University. Writing helped release our tension. Unfortunately, we weren't the professional writers like the Varsitarians nor the CSJ (College of Science Journal). We were just plain Biology major students, writing for the fun of it. 
Our Class newsletter was named the "Bzz...zzz." Got it from the sound of a buzzing bumble bee (Scientific name: Bombus sp.) Since we belonged to block B (you know "Bee" for B). There was also a logo of a bee in shoes. Started on our third year, we toiled each newsletter even when we were having major exams or after drinking binges. It was exciting. Everyone in the class was invited to make an article and we were true to our promises in publishing whatever they made. So, the newsletter wasn't exactly the best, but the most appreciated that I can think of (as far as my class was concerned). 
I saw my compilation of the newsletter and decided to add some of the poems I have written. 


Here are some of the poems I created for my class newsletter during college.

Now that I am Twenty

Now that i am twenty,
I have lived up to my teens
and face the challenges
as they come

Now that I am twenty,
the past seems so near
for what in the future that I see
is here

Now that I am twenty, 
I learned how to be nineteen
and face the fact that says
Goodbye yesteryear.

Now that I am twenty, 
dreams are so real
almost at hand 
reality is near

Now that I am twenty...


I see  you in my eyes
seeing only emptyness
and remorse
I called out to you, but you said, 
"Leave me. I need to find myself."
I hesitated to leave
because I know
That you need me
despite of all
I reached out my hand to you
and you did the same
Fnally, i saw you smile
and in the corner of my mind
I heard a gentle whisper
of your prayer
Now, I found you.

Valentines Day Related Topics from My Discussions at myLot

Two days from now is Valentine's day. Thought it would be interesting to share some of the discussions I started at myLot. I got a lot of responses from topics that would talk about relationships. I think this tells us a lot about the majority of the members of myLot. They are mostly women who have a good sense of self, not afraid to speak their minds out, and have a talent for writing. 

Here is the breakdown of the topics and a bit of information about what happened.

Single by choice or no choice is all about options one had to make or made in having a relationship or not. Some stayed single because they liked it. Some don't have the need to enter a relationship yet, so they opted to live by themselves.  Although, some of the myLotters said they know some women who stay single because they did not have a choice. They don't seem to attract the opposite sex. But, I did not get a comment from those actual women who are still single because of their looks. 
And there are the strong independent women, who bravely justified their status just because. 

Single no more talked about the opposite of the above discussion. How they liked being in a relationship, how long they waited to have one, or if they miss being single. A lot of responses came from those who are in a relationship and how much they are satisfied with that choice. They admit missing the single life once in a while, so there were compromises to have that kind of an agreement, to hang out with old friends or just be "single."

In this modern generation where plastic surgery is a household word. Terms such as liposuction and facelift are known even by children, I asked "Good looks vs. Sense of Humor?" All things considered such as intellect, income, and everything else, would a man or woman choose looks or sense of humor? The poll was a bit expected. Majority chose sense of humor. Looks are skin deep and sense of humor is lasting.

 "Do women get attracted to men (more) with a bad boy image?" is my last discussion. Women have this attraction to men who look like real men! That was how i interpreted the results. There was this "x-factor" that women has over the brute looking, adrenalin junky, xtreme, kind of a guy. I would say that there is a silver lining to this discussion as these women who ended up with "bad boys," confess that their husbands have a "soft" and gentle side. One that they do not show openly to anyone else. As for me, I can feel the attraction to a woman who is independent, adventurous, and outspoken. Who knows, i might end up with a woman with a "bad girl" image.

(The image is entitled red flower. Posted with permission from deyedoctor)

My Helium song Entry

I got hooked with helium when I first wrote an article in the Creative Writing section entitled "Writing for the love of Writing." Ranked number one on the first day, but stayed in the number two spot since. After that, I told myself, maybe this is a promising move after all. Joining a writers group is one step, having them comment and rank me, is another. With all the work that has to be done during the day, writing is a breath of fresh air.

There are those who are most important to mention. My elementary friend who introduced me to helium Mrs. Melanie Tesorero-Lluch and my mentor/editor/"nanay" online, Virginia Gaces, who has been helping me every step of the way to improve on my "talent."
Jen (Virginia Gaces) was persistent that I write more and join any of the ongoing contests. So, I did. This was my first entry in the song category: frozen.


That day was quiet when you came

I thought you wanted to see me again

But you told me, that you were leaving for good

I tried to stop you, pleaded, but I failed.


This life has no meaning when you left.

My heart is screaming but you just can’t hear me

I’m moving on with a gap in my life now

Your memory is frozen in my dreams.


You said, that I was not the right one for you

How come it felt like deep inside, you wanted me too.

You opted to find this love for yourself

To capture that feeling you never felt with me.

Repeat Chorus:


I stand alone calling your name,

There are no echoes of your grace

Life has been sweet, back when we were one.

Just a boy and a girl who were deeply in love

Repeat Chorus


When I look back to our memories

I still feel the warmth of your kiss

But every time, I see your face

I feel betrayed when you left me here.

Repeat Chorus


You are the reason I knew this life

But when you left, this song just died…

There is no such thing as instant glory. Meaning, this song didn't fare well with the ratings. So, edited it into a poem for, but, it went down even further. It's ok, of course, for a newbie like me. It brings me satisfaction just to be seen and my works to be appreciated.

For more of my articles visit me at helium.

The Day I Became a Blogger

The term blog is actually a contraction of the words "web log." Wikipedia defines it as "to maintain or to add content to a blog." So, a blogger is someone who does this. 

One cannot run out of blogs because there is plenty to go around. These are personal (most common), corporate, media, questions, device, and genre. 
It has been a lingering idea to make my own blog. A personal one will suffice since I will only need it to satisfy this urge to be heard.  Even if my followers are my family and friends! 
The "hows," "whys," and "what?" about blogging will reveal themselves to me one at a time. Thank goodness to the availability of free knowledge online. A newbie like me will be guided in the right and wrong ways to blog. Hopefully, I make more of the former. Not to mention a lot of other bloggers are willing to help someone like me. 
This day will be marked as the day I became a blogger and with the following days, weeks, or years, I hope you will be there with me as I learn and grow in this world where anything we dream can happen. 

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