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Winner of the War Cry Interpretation


Strawberry girl of Creatively written,
punctiliously interpreted this simple poem.

These sense of words that came to me,
on a night of thunderstorm and literary.

To you my cheers and congratulations,
I offer Thor's hammer's invigoration.

My made up gods of heavens bow,
vocables lined up from this poet-nouveau.

Profound meanings of excitation,
twists of language beyond expectation.

You probed in this bizarre mind of mine,
and elegantly written what's inside this time line.

Congratulations again for the beautiful interpretation of War Cry.

I shall be sending 2000 Entrecard credits once you have joined Entrecard. But, if you will not be joining EC, then I hope this simple recognition would suffice.

Thank you to JenaIsle of Gewgaw Writings for generously sponsoring this simple contest.

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