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This verbum me vocat,

while I got lost in the crowds,
of unending condolences.

Moments of private cries,
and mourning handshakes.

This verbum me vocat,

as faces blurred,
in the tired dead of the night.

Half awakened expressions,
of delightful exhaustion.

This verbum me vocat,

of fond memories of you,
shall be engraved in our hearts.

The wisdom you shared,
shall be made heirlooms.

This verbum me vocat,

as a weary body lie,
under sighs of solemness.

honored forever - graciously,
only to say good bye.

This verbum me vocat,

as candles danced,
sorrowfully in your funeral.

As flowers wept,
on your newly laid slab of marble.

This verbum me vocat,

Jennifer M Scott's new poetry challenge is to use the phrase: "verbum me vocat" at least once in your poem. Of course you can use it as many times as you wish! Verbum me vocat means “word calls me”.

Addendum: "Apo" is a Filipino term that means Grandchild

This poem is dedicated to my Lolo Poleng (Grandpa Poleng) who passed away last May 30, 2009 at a tender age of 81.

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