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Memories of you

p04282009 05190529m

Glimpses of an undying past,
invited brothers sorrow and remorse.
A mountain of diaries that amassed,
conveyed fear of this ill-fated course.

Flowers that your beauty once graced,
withered from an ocean of memories.
Your words sincerely spoken - my ears ached,
were feathers that brushed against mortal agonies.

Recollections of you - forgotten,
this pain of being alone once again.
Paintings of this once surreal love - stolen,
burned painfully bright in the end.

This weeping desire, I humbly embraced,
a hunger for your once pleasant warmth - bereft.
Mere reflections on a glazed mirrors surface,
of this broken heart, betrayed when you left.

Personal note: JenaIsle after writing several poems, I think this is "the style" I am most comfortable with.

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