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Twitter fun!


While Z was sleeping,
@Jan_Geronimo super tweeted a bunch of stuff about blogging, (TNTM)
@elmot and @yatotchronicles were tweeting when they ought to be working. (LOL)

While Z was sleeping,
@Jan_Geronimo, @houseofpuroy, and @yatotchronicles RTied playfully, (really guys?!?)
and @minnie_madz earned some money! (Share the love)

While Z was sleeping,
@babyfuzz listed her influential bloggers - brigade (thank you)
while @solitarypanda's hotel room neighbor got laid. (woot)

While Z was sleeping,
@robangeles tweeted about the NBA, weddings and politics. (thumbs up)
@elmot searched for ways to increase money, work and blog traffic! (good job)

While Z was sleeping,
@Ceblogger has been tweeting from rainy Cebu! (Lakers won!)
@elmot got wet from the rain - de javu? (LOL)

While Z was sleping,
@houseofpuroy wrote about blogging and self esteem, (wink)
@fjords went to school, fervently running. (go kiddo)

Inspired by the events on twitter while @Zorlone was having a siesta

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