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I feel sick (A list poem)


I feel sick because I have a fever,
do I need to see the doctor the day after?

I feel sick because my throat hurts,
I shouldn't have eaten too much chocolates and desserts.

I feel sick because of body malaise,
geez don't ask me what that means mate.

I feel sick because I am cranky,
or was it because I'm cranky I feel sick and lousy?

I feel sick because I have this rash,
oh my a new symptom, I dare not ask.

I feel sick but I'll stop complaining,
because with some rest I'll be up and running.

I feel sick, but now I'm okay,
because you'll stay by my side for a perfectly whole day.

I feel sick, but now I'll sleep,
knowing you're on the sofa, near me to keep.

I feel sick, but never again,
shall I make you worry about me my friend.

My selfish desire to keep you near,
will not be the cause of your panic and fear.

I feel sick no more.

This is an example of a list poem

1) The writer is telling you something--pointing something out--saying, "Look at this," or, "Think about this."
2) There's a beginning and end to it, like in a story.
3) The list is arranged with stylistic consistency and the words are arranged to create a parallel structure.

Another definition of a list poem
A poem that is made up of a list of items or events. It can be any length and rhymed or unrhymed.
Are you ready to make your own list poem?

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