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Under the pale moon


Under the pale moon, magic erupted,
legends spoke of new life.
Sorcery and trickery reigned
from this cold and dark strife.

Shakespear's immortal story,
fell under the pale moon's radiance.
A myth of generations once told,
love story of endless essence.

Heroes shed blood, tears and sweat,
in the dimmed sky with a lone light.
that came from the pale moon,
losing and winning battles delight.

A father's eternal promise to his son,
that he shall return from a bitter war.
Returned lifeless - a ghost of heart,
pale moon witnessed memoir,

Sacrifice to pagan gods of the pale moon,
for harvest, fertility, and for wealth untold.
Only sorrows were earned - loss of souls,
repentance from darkness that unfolded.

Inspired by the words of Robin of Robin's Nest, a superb poet, her "Moonwatchers" brought forth to this poem. A sort of poetry challenge to myself using the words "pale moon."

I just heard that Robin will be gone for a while, so I rushed to post this poem.

Come back soon with more poetry Robin. Take care!

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