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Eastern Star

A thousand miles and more - away,
your presence is felt here.
Pictures of you on walls - display,
in this home that you used to stir.

The virtual conversations in cyberspace,
not a mouse click away.
Fills this longing for your avid grace,
sweet laughter brought to stay.

Your million different tasks await,
secluded offices under the desert sun.
Cool precision of your meticulous state,
never fails your industrious reasons.

Missing you here - so far,
with absent tangible kisses and embrace.
My dear sister of the Eastern star,
I send you health and brilliant diamonds - glaze!

Happy birthday to my sister Lorelie

This poem is also featured at Coffeetablepoetry!

Unafraid to love

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Man: What does it take for you to believe
this honest love I offer you - undeceived.

A light in my heart reverberates a song,
only sopranos and tenors dare take on.

Woman: Lies! Lifted from your lips,
my father warned me about your colored aesthetics.

Try you must, to make me persuade,
my tired heart wont make a mistake.

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This day is great... (A list poem in the making)

Yup, this time, I would like to ask you to help me write this list poem. For reference, THIS is an example of a list poem.


This day is great because I have started to write,
a new list poem for everyone's delight.

This day is great I have eaten my fill,1
She took me to lunch and then paid for the bill!1

This day is great (now your turn)

Reyjr - 1
Holly - 2
Roy - 3
Jena - 4
Madz - 5

I feel sick (A list poem)


I feel sick because I have a fever,
do I need to see the doctor the day after?

I feel sick because my throat hurts,
I shouldn't have eaten too much chocolates and desserts.

I feel sick because of body malaise,
geez don't ask me what that means mate.

I feel sick because I am cranky,
or was it because I'm cranky I feel sick and lousy?

I feel sick because I have this rash,
oh my a new symptom, I dare not ask.

I feel sick but I'll stop complaining,
because with some rest I'll be up and running.

I feel sick, but now I'm okay,
because you'll stay by my side for a perfectly whole day.

I feel sick, but now I'll sleep,
knowing you're on the sofa, near me to keep.

I feel sick, but never again,
shall I make you worry about me my friend.

My selfish desire to keep you near,
will not be the cause of your panic and fear.

I feel sick no more.

This is an example of a list poem

1) The writer is telling you something--pointing something out--saying, "Look at this," or, "Think about this."
2) There's a beginning and end to it, like in a story.
3) The list is arranged with stylistic consistency and the words are arranged to create a parallel structure.

Another definition of a list poem
A poem that is made up of a list of items or events. It can be any length and rhymed or unrhymed.
Are you ready to make your own list poem?

The Night Duty

Taken with permission from jerb's flickr account

It was 4am, but patients at the ER (Emergency Room) were still a handful. This was the first time that Madeline volunteered at a referral hospital. The cases ranged from gunshot wounds, heart attacks, stokes, and vehicular accidents. She patiently tended to each one of them.

Every gentle touch eased the agony and pain from each of those patients. Her voice was soothing, her eyes reflecting the fond memories of patients she had generously nurtured within her wings. These evoked a serene countenance on her face. Although her green scrub suit was dirty with blood and sweat, her form blended well in the chaos of the bustling ER.

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Haiku: City tour

Train ride

Contradicting scenes,
shanties and mansions in view.
This ride shows the truth.


Hitchiking in vain,
heat radiates on my skin.
Nimbus cloud passed by

On finding your way

Landmarks were mixed up,
confused in a fray of streets.
Bystanders helped out.

Taken with permission from deyedoctor's flickr account

Parade of statues

On historic streets ,
frozen prisons - ancient times.
Snapshots in frenzy.

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Filipino poem "Sinta kong tren"

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